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I've helped businesses to generate tens of thousands of leads, contributing to over millions of sales revenue with over thousands percent of return on ad spent with my unique marketing strategies since 2015.

Are you missing out on potential leads & sales?

Use my ever growing checklists to help you generating growth with my proven online marketing strategies today.

Driving Quality Traffic

Step 1

Learn how to drive quality traffic from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,  Google, YouTube and more.

Persuasive Copy Writing

Step 1

Learn the secret strategies for crafting high converting sales copy that attracts, seizes attention and sparks desire for your product or services.  

Funnel Conversion

Step 1

Build customer-getting campaign, develop meaningful relationships with your customers and automate the customer acquisition process

Your marketing Success Starts Now

And I'll Show You How!

I've spent over 5 years to develop my core competency skills to help companies improve their productivity, performance and profits. 

I want to share with you how I built a team that are responsible in generating millions of sales by deploying profitable marketing campaign and setting up sales funnels.

My team and I have built over 1,000 lead generation pages, managing 6-figures advertising budget every year to drive quality traffic, generate potential customers and convert them into paying customers consistently.

It is my pleasure connecting with you and if you like what you see, let's connect and I assure you'll get tremendous value when you join my list.

Latest release Of My content

What do you want to learn today? Invest your time in learning and you'll get multiple fold of return in many years to come. Happy learning!

What Other's are saying


Passionate, responsible and an expert digital marketer. Highly Recommended. 

He always put his heart and very generous in sharing whenever you asked him. 

Thank you so much for your input and your guide.

Cindy Ng

Founder at Beaute Cosmeceutical &
Men Styling Expert


He is one of the most positive person I've ever seen in my circle. 

Not only he listens well, but provide great suggestions and recommendation too. 

Thank you so much for your strategic session. I gain valuable insights from you!

Veekay lim

Managing Consultant at
RGF Research


He has been very helpful managing my expectation, over deliver, very practical and very useful. 

Not everyone shares that kind of knowledge and work that he does with others. 

Love his energy and they way he explain things in a simple manner!

sook yen wong

NLP Master Trainer. Founding Member of Webe International

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I believe teaching is the best way to learn, and I believe everyone can learn the skill to create more wealth, being healthy and enjoy more time freedom. 

All you need is to take a leap of faith. So what if you failed?
We're here to support each other. 


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