Nowadays, when a business owner plans to set up an online platform to market their products/services or planning to kick start a new business, the first thing he/she would most likely do is to set up a social media business page such as Facebook and Instagram account.

Thereafter, they would start running ads via their social media business page to reach out to the target audiences. 

Now, here comes the question to you, business owner out there, what about website? Is it necessary to set up a website for your business? 

Do you even need a website when you already have an active social media business page such as Facebook Business page or Instagram Business account?

In most cases, people never really think about what are the risk if you only have social media business page. And if that person is you, keep on reading and you will thank me later 😄😄😄

In today's post, I will be sharing with you the following five (5) risks of not having a website: 

Risk 1: Algorithm Change

With the rapid growth of social media usage such as Facebook, for instance, these platforms have been flooded with new pages and new content every single minute. 

As a result, the number of organic reach has been declining over the years and it is NOT going to STOP!

So, even if your business’s social media accounts have high engagement now, that doesn’t mean they will be maintained forever in that manner. 

This is where social media algorithms play a purpose. 

The  algorithm in Facebook directs which content to display in user's newsfeed first based on the likelihood that they actually want to see it. 

As the algorithms are always changing due to the constant changes of policy, advertising rules and so forth, business owners are required to stay updated and complied with the changes. 

Now the question is, how many of you have the luxury of time to go through the latest policy and rules every single time?

See the risk?

But when you have a website, you don’t need to worry about all these changes as they are not as dynamic as social media platforms. 

Once you set up your website, you can let it run and allow it to grow over time, to generate more traffic, leads and sales.

Risk 2: Trust and Credibility

This is especially important for businesses that do not have a high number of followers on their social media business page.

Chances are, majority of your potential customers are savvy customers.

What if one day, these customers found your Facebook page and realised that there is not much activity with only a few hundred likes, and not many reviews, do you think they will have the confidence with your products/services?

People always said first impressions are the most lasting. 

So when your social media business page is not impressive, it causes these customers to lose trust and credibility in your products/services. 

They may think it is a scam business. 

On the other hand, having a website creates a sense of security for customers. 

In order to sign up for a website domain, your company has to be registered officially under the Companies Commision Of Malaysia. 

This fact alone is already evidence that your company is genuine by owning a website. 

When you have a website, you can design it according to your preference by including your products/services information, company profile and details of your company location (map, photos, videos). 

This will enhance the trust and confidence of your potential customers. In another word, your first impression is successful. 

For businesses that do not have a brick and mortar location, it is even more crucial to have a website.  

In the online business world, your website is your name card and it represents your identity.

Risk 3: You Could Get Blocked/ Banned

What if one day, you realise that your Facebook business page has been blocked or banned, and you don’t even know what the heck is happening.

All of your effort, time and resources spent in building and growing your content for your Facebook business page will be gone just like that. 

Now, Facebook is 'well known' for not giving accurate answers to their users when such a case happens. 

They will usually provide the standard reply of not complying with their policy or violation of their community guideline. You will then be advised to go through all of their policies from A to Z. 

Yet, you still have no clue on the real reason. 

The real reason might be your account was hacked or a dissatisfying customer reported your page. You wouldn't know. 

The biggest risk from this incident would be the content and engagement you have build over the years GONE FOREVER...

Unless you go through the appeal process from the Facebook compliance team to get your page back. 

And trust me, it is not an easy process most of the time as they may need to investigate first before deciding whether to return the page to you.

Does the website face the same issue too? Answer is NO, it will not happen for a website.  

The reason being you’ll have a backup of your website whenever your website is down. You can restore your website at any time with just a few clicks. 

All of your data and contents uploaded to your website can be retrieved easily. 

And a website pretty much does not have any community guideline or policy per se, hence it is highly unlikely a website will be blocked by Google. 

At the very least, it has never happened to me nor my client all these years.

Risk 4: Social Media Business Page Requires
On-Going Maintenance

Unlike social media business page, website information is evergreen. Once your website is up and running, you can leave it for months and people will not know when it was last updated. 

However, it is altogether a different thing when it comes to your social media business page.

When you post content on your social media business page, it gets reach and people will engage for about 2 to 3 days at most and it will die off.

And then, you will need to regularly upload new content to keep your social media business page active. 

This is the main objective of a social media platform, to allow people to connect and engage with each other anytime, anywhere. 

So my question to you is, how often can you maintain your social media business page on an on-going basis? 

Not all of us have the time, creativity or the skills to do that which eventually leads the page to become outdated after some time. 

This might put your company's trust and credibility at risk. Therefore, the website requires lesser effort to maintain thanks to the nature of the search engine platform.

Risk 5: Brand Identity

When it comes to your business branding, how do you want to make your brand stands out from the rest? 

Which online platform would be the most suitable to define your brand identity? 

You may think social media platform is the answer but you're wrong.

Website is your go to online platform to brand your business. 

No doubt having a social media business page will help you to reach out to your targeted audiences, but so does your competitors. 

When your potential customers use social media such as Facebook to search for information, what they are experiencing is called Facebook Branding.

There is no individuality with social media business pages as every business owner is using the same layout and same functionality.  

Hence, your potential customers are unable to connect with your brand and the overall customer experience.

So, when you have a website, you have the flexibility to create your desired layout, set your theme and colour,  select your preferred font type, size and zero restrictions in uploading your photos and videos. 

There is no compliance policy to adhere to nor rules to abide when it comes to your website. 

You can do so much more on a website such as designing the overall customer's experience when visiting your website and how you want to showcase your products/services so that customers can identify and remember your brand. 

Fret not, setting up a website is not that difficult anymore. Nowadays, website builder software often uses drag and drop methods such as: or

My personal favourite is still WordPress because most of the website in the world is powered and built using WordPress.

Remember, users engage with you on Facebook doesn’t mean they are engaging with your brand. 

So, use the website to build your brand, let your message stands out through your website!

I love to hear from you! 

Let me know what other topics you would like to know more. In the meantime, do check out my video summary for today's post. 

About The Author

Alexander Ang is an educator and a digital marketer by profession. He is also a certified NLP practitioner, coach and trainer.

Over the past 6 years, he has worked with over 30+ business brands in the area of paid advertising, copy writing, website re-design as well as setting up automation for the clients.

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